How Sound Massage in Wellness & Cosmetic Field

With the singing bowls, each cosmetic treatment becomes a wellness treatment Andreas and Kerstin Kreutzfeldt have operated a wellness studio in Brand-Erbisdorf (Saxony) for more than 13 years. Both were trained in Peter Hess® sound therapy methods and soon recognized that the singing bowls, with their harmonious sounds and soft vibrations, can effectively support and enhance their massages, Ayurveda and wellness treatments, as well as cosmetic procedures. Clients thus are able to enjoy the relaxing sounds while a face mask penetrates the skin, a body wrap does its work, or when the soft vibrations of a singing bowl are used to prepare hand and feet for a reflex zone massage. Specific sound elements are also applied to facial treatments. „The effect of the respective treatment is consistently improved with sounds from a singing bowl “, explains Kerstin Kreutzfeldt, who has worked for many years as specialty cosmetologist, medical foot care provider and diet consultant in the beauty and wellness field.

Completely convinced of the supporting effects of the sounds, she states: „The singing bowls are used in the facial area to relax the musculature prior to a treatment. You can truly see that the active ingredients are much better absorbed by the skin and make it look smoother and tighter immediately. Through stimulation of the lymphatic system, toxins and wastes are more efficiently removed and the skin radiates significantly improved health.“ The sound, beauty, and wellness offerings of their studio have become a true “insider’s tip” that has reached far beyond the borders of Brand-Erbisdorf and are a unique selling point with regard to the competition. Andreas Kreutzfeldt reports on the positive feedback he and his wife have received for the sound therapy applications: ”The most important aspect for our clients is the bonus effect of deep relaxation – to just concentrate on yourself and forget your everyday cares, this is what they really enjoy.” Typical comments by clients include: “This is like wellness for the soul.” “ I almost fell asleep and did not imagine I could shut off that quickly. It was amazing!“. “Wow, how did you do that? You just might be magicians.“