How Sound Practitioners Feel Awakened - Kind Words from Abeer

Thank you Manan and Team Dubai. I learned many things yesterday. First is how the sound is alive and has a living consciousness and I felt it most when we were all harmonically playing together, after a while it was as if the sound was locking us all in tune and synchronicity. I also learned that sound made us connect to each other’s pace and at one point it felt as if one body was playing. I also was able to to see the grid of frequency that was created in an almost pentagon shape and that the grid started at ground went horizontally up and down, and across interlocking in between through the center of the huge bowl, and then when the sound stopped u can still feel and sense the thickness of the frequency in the space. I believe it remains there given that it is fueled with intention and that what we did yesterday when charged with intention it can be projected to the world to create a similar harmony and world peace which is an inspiration for many at the time being. So I believe that we can take this to even higher level with intention of bringing people together into the space of the heart through frequencies. What starts with a small concert idea can become a movement. So maybe our next concert could be synchronized with a group in india and in Europe at the same time or even day with intention of healing and world peace. Gratitude to all. Gratitude to the blessing of frequencies. Abeer