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How Sound Massage in Wellness & Cosmetic Field

With the singing bowls, each cosmetic treatment becomes a wellness treatment Andreas and Kerstin Kreutzfeldt have operated a wellness studio in Brand-Erbisdorf (Saxony) for more than 13 yea..

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How Sound Practitioners Feel Awakened - Kind Words from Abeer

Thank you Manan and Team Dubai. I learned many things yesterday. First is how the sound is alive and has a living consciousness and I felt it most when we were all harmonically playing to..

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SonicSpaTherapy – SonoRelaxation Therapy – VibroAcoustic Physiotherapy - Use of Integrative Sound Therapy in Physical Therapy Field

It is a New dynamic Physio-Spa-Relaxation Therapy, Integrated very well in present and classical style of working, enabled the practitioner to reach more deeper level without causing the di..

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How the Vibro-Acoustic Tool & Methods Work - Singing Bowls & Gongs

The Use of singing bowls and gongs are wide spread now a days for deep relaxation, calming effect and in clinical methods by licensed practitioners. The generation is using them from pers..

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