Elaine Mackle is the founder of Sonic Wellness located in the Shaolin Temple in  Northport, NY. USA, New Delhi, India , Dubai, With offices at the Thermography for Health and Holistic Dentistry in NYC. Elaine has written and developed the following  programs and trains professionals  in Tibetan Tones therapies for integrative use and non professionals who wish to learn the transformative effects of Tibetan Tones therapies. 

Her courses include:

  • Tibetan Tones® CORE Vibrational Sound Therapy,
  • Tibetan Tones Sound meditation, Level I ,II 
  • Cancer and Tibetan Tones program
  • SRUTI Class                                                      
  • Facilitates Corporate Wellness programs.                                                      
  • Conscious Commerce  business as a Sacred Path to Awakening
  • The Silent series for advanced practitioners  
  • Teacher trainings for professionals
  • Tibetan Tones Therapies in Oncology                                                                                 
  • Integrative Tibetan Tones Techniques for professional massage therapists, PT's, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists and Psychologists teaching how to utilize her methods to help boost recovery and wholeness process for patients.                                                                      

She has been on the path of Self Realization since she was 27. Her own health issues brought her on the road of education and deep research. She develops  programs  from her own understandings with life and studies at the OSHO Ashram and the Ayurveda Research Treatment Center in India and as a long time student of Classical Chinese and Tibetan medicine, and is finishing her Doctorate in Chinese Medicine, Some of her earlier teachers include the late  Baba Muktananda (the Prison Project) in early 1980’s, the late Zen Master Kyozen Joshu Sasaki Roshi, Bikram Choudhrey, Heiner Freuhauff, the Ithaca Zen Center, Dr Richard Mann ,Homeopathic, Bastyr University, Lillian Pearl Bridges of the Lotus Institute, Dr Gabriel Cousins  Tree of life. She also worked for 20 yrs in millinery and garment design, production both in China, Dominica Republic, Mexico and the US.