Nidhi Belani


As a small child, I was always drawn to sounds. Sounds of chirping birds, sounds of waterfall, sounds of temple bells and I can never forget the beautiful sound of OM which used to take me deeper whenever I chanted the scared sound not just as a little girl but every time I sit down to meditate till today. And finally, my calling led me to Nepal where I learnt the beautiful art of Sound Healing using the Tibetan bowls & gongs.

And now, I am a certified Sound Therapist, specializing in the practice of ancient Tibetan Healing Bowls. Trained in the Himalayas, I have conducted multiple workshops across Singapore and Malaysia and also provide personal sessions and group sound baths. Relaxation, Detoxification and Energy Balancing are three of several Sound therapies offered by me.
I am also an OM Chanting organizer. The beautiful sound of OM resonates every time I sit in an OM Chanting circle which is what I was introduced to, a few years back and ever since then, this sacred practice of sound healing has become an integral part of my life as it has helped me release emotions, thoughts and negative energy and has brought lots of positivity in my life. And as important as it was for me to make peace with who I am which is what I learned when I became an Atma Kriya Yoga practitioner,
I always wanted to understand how I can help others and my curiosity led me to become a NLP Coach and Professional Hypnotherapist so I can coach and guide people to tap their inner potential and provide them with practical tools to achieve the balance they are always looking for in their life. I am also a savvy oiler purely because of my passion for wellness. I am an independent distributor of Young Living Essential oils. This oily journey started a few years back when I wanted to focus on healthy living. I incorporate oils in everything I put on my body on the outside and inside. Well as they say learning never ends, I make a conscious choice to learn from every opportunity I encounter and share it with the others. That is my purpose here on this website and Earth!