Manan Sharma


Welcome to the world of tone of your life, which heals & transform the inside & outside world in & around you. You are what you reflect & resonate, so be positive resonator to restore peace, calmness & harmony in your life as well as loved & connected ones. Take a first step to bring harmony in your life by taking deep & slow breaths, next is to sing & rhyme the songs, prayers, bhajans & tunes you like most, to bring immediate peace & harmony in your own system. This way you just making your brain rewiring into de-stress & calmness restore.

I personally experience, practice & motivate each one around me to do this practice to yourself on daily basis to bring most precious gift in your life, that is Peace, Calmness & Harmony, else everything is just fall into place, securing your emotional, physical & mental health with emergency service where & whenever you need. It is you which can restore & rejuvenate yourself in any of your surroundings through these simple & but lifesaving self-toning practices. Deep & Slow Breathing & Rhyming  brings what our body needs, frequency of self to resonate with self itself…. Sounds simple but even then we do not practice it when we need it the most. When we stress ourselves to find solutions, to resolve relationships, to improve emotional status or to just be healthy by the way.

Go & Get it… its simple effective & immediate results.

“The Most Easiest & Effective way to get Meditative State of Mind is Through Sound Meditation Therapy” Manan Sharma

That’s me, myself & my beliefs & thoughts.

Lets go past tense, to know more, In year 1993, we started building new ventures in the world of wellness & healings, that is Therapeutic Range of Singing Bowls & Gongs only for the therapeutic community around the world. Everything just changed after this amazing discovery with sound, substance & therapy. The most powerful sound therapy instrument believed to be in the world today is singing bowl, a metallic mixture of copper & tin alloy which has changed the perspective of modern day wellness people. They have theories & stories to tell extremely beneficial side effects of this instrument of life changing capability in today's world.

Since then we have found our passion, which goes into our souls & runs in our nerves & stays in our minds to come for improvisation of this tool which is to heal humanity without pills, injections & surgeries in some cases.

Manan’s extraordinary passion for developing new singing bowls, marvelous capability & long experience in this field provides him constant energy to do wonders in this field. Sound Healers from all over the World Benefits from his New Designs of Therapy Sound Bowls every year.

As from the Engineering background & Masters in Business with work experiences in various environments in different field alongside with Sound Therapy work make him tuned into his passion since year 1999 to completely transforming environment for Medical & Healthcare industry in India & Worldwide. Since year 1999, Transforming & training Healthcare professionals to apply sound work in their area of work to overcome distress people to a healthy self-healing environment.

His new chapter turns every year with lots of dynamic discoveries while travelling from Himalayas to Beaches India & abroad to explore different sound spectrum those can work on human brain to cover more healing areas & aspects. His journey always stays with him in holding sound sessions, corporate wellness programs & wellness retreats, which brings much of true story & true life changing essence to the people connected to him.

His one passion to learn from construction labour to  most genius scientist brings him to closest to people & their behaviors pattern & understanding life, which in turns can change the whole perspective in thinking about community wellness & structured it to bring to the most common people in disharmony & disease. 

One Mission & One Dream – To Bring Peace, Calmness & Harmony in everyone’s life with implementing simple & realistic life skills for daily wellbeing. Focus on Preventive & Promotive Healthcare System rather than curing the disease when occurs.

Meditation is the one way to understand life inside & outside you, to get cured, to get rejuvenate & to restore good health & harmony among yourself & your connected ones.

Any kind of disease cannot sustain longer, if your brain says leave my body. It is you & only you which can transform your body into disease free Temple.

“The Most Easiest & Effective way to get Meditative State of Mind is Through Sound Meditation Therapy” Manan Sharma

Love, kindness, respect to all brings one thing, harmony in your body, mind & soul.

With Gratitude towards life & people


(means Meditation) always trying my best to live my name in true self.