Prem Amit

Founder of Meditation and Celebrations, Dubai

Prem opened doors to the spiritual world when he was still a child, with a help of his grandfather, a Yoga Teacher based in Chennai, and since then he never stopped practicing.
In College days, Prem started with Transcendental Meditation and then continued going deeper in meditations and spiritual inner farming work learning new modalities to reach the inner stillness and silence.
In that process Prem started sessions on Sufism & Tantra Practices. He then went on to learn Sound therapy after learning from master sound healers in Nepal and India. He is now closely associated with Manan Sharma learning and assisting him for his sound healing workshops in UAE and some other locations...His core goal is to help people connect with themselves and to live a life to its full potential and celebrate every day of life. He takes regular private and group meditation sessions with Tibetan Singing bowls and Gongs.

Since 2013, Prem has been a part of UAE Meditates group that organizes free community sessions on Meditations, Yoga and Alternate forms of Healing. He is associated with most of the leading yoga and meditation studios in Dubai.His monthly meditation schedule is listed on his Facebook page - Meditation and Celebration.