Is your team working at its full potential? If you are in charge of large department or small team, you’ll know that happy workers are productive workers. This is where the Sound Yoga® singing bowls rich in overtones can help you achieve greater success, harmony and happiness within the work place, and indeed in your personal life.

Taking care of your employees’ Sonic waves have a positive energizing effect on water and the human body which comprises mainly water. Which is why sound therapy withSound Yoga® singing bowls can help your team feel motivated, healthier, happier and will ultimately enjoy a better quality of life…and increase their productivity at work. On a purely physical level Sound Yoga® singing bowls can help to relieve symptoms of stress such as shoulder tension and headaches, by visiting your company to provide “Corporate Stress Management Program with Singing Bowls” at a time convenient to you and your team.

Ask us about Sound Yoga®‘s team building courses – they are great fun and extremely effective!

The modern workplace is a fast paced often stressful place to be. The 9 to 5 workday no longer exists in most professional environments. Employees are often constantly in touch with their jobs through email, text messaging and phone calls and are under constant pressure to be responsive skilled decision-makers.

We are at a time when companies lose $200 billion in absenteeism, low performance, tardiness, and workers' compensation claims related to stress ... if business were clever, what they would do is simply put time aside and have a quiet room for people to carry out a meditative behavior of their choice.

'Business Week’ from Dr Herbert Benson, Mind Body Medical Institute - Harvard Medical School Our Corporate Stress Management Workshop through Sound Vibration Ambience is designed to help busy professionals relax and feel distressed. It will be a 90-120 minutes session using Sound Yoga® Singing Bowls & Gong. The harmoniously rich sound releases tension and mobilizes self - healing powers within the body’s cellular structure. The sounds are able to dissolve tensions gently, breathing becomes calmer and deeper. It also involves perception techniques, team building exercises etc.

Holistic Approach is a form of healing that considers the whole person -- body, mind, spirit, and emotions -- in the quest for optimal health and wellness.

First time in Indian Corporate World, Introducing Sound Therapy Corporate Wellness Program through Singing Bowls fun learning Workshops.

What is it, we learn here to grow ourselves..
• The putting in place of another;
• Empathy;
• Emotion recognition;
• Listening (listening to others and listening);
• The comfort with silence;
• The giving and receiving;
• The group as containment and as support for delivery;
• Trust;
• The concentration;
• Alignment with yourself and with a group;
• Going in line with a situation;
• The moments of positive action and inaction;
• Decision making;
• Relaxation;
• Play with others;
• Conscious breathing;
• Presence status
• Listening to the silence.

The Sound Yoga® offers a range of workshops that can be integrated into seminars, planning days or held onsite weekends. Our workshops focus on two main goals –empowering people to take charge of their wellbeing and achieve balance in their lives.

Benefits for the workshop participants

• Stress reduction and deep relaxation
• Healthy sleep and regeneration support
• Stimulate self healing process in the body (medications reduction)
• Mental Clarity
• Enhances focus
• Energy regeneration and development
• Supports in the process of release of problems, old patterns, blockages
• Enhances memory and concentration
• Maintain harmonious professional relationships
• Overall wellness of their mind, body & soul.

Benefits to the organization

• Self motivated happy workers
• Increased productivity
• Less negative stress
• Increased engagement and commitment levels
• Improved morale
• Better teamwork

People who meditate grow bigger brains than those who don’t. Researchers at Harvard, Yale and, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology conducted brain scans and revealed that meditators boasted increased thickness in parts of the brain that deal with attention and processing sensory input. Many said, “it reduced their stress, increased clarity of thought and their tolerance for staying focused in difficult situations.

Lecturer: -Manan Wellness Team
Duration / Days: 90-120 mins
Fees: Please get in touch with us for the best deals for your company’s corporate wellness program.
No. of Participants Per Corporate Session: 25 Persons Maximum for the best results of this Modality.
Payment Policy – On Booking 50% Advance & Balance 50% on the day of Event