Our experienced consultants will train you in the use of all sound instruments and help you choose them correctly for your desired effect and budget. Filling a room with multi-harmonic tones can easily be over done or under done. We represent the finest manufacturers of sound yoga instruments and have a full understanding of how to get a predictable outcome for various style classes. Training is key and the right set up. It takes less equipment then most realize. 

Become a Manan Wellness Sound Therapy Session Studio & Product Retailer. 


Yoga / Fitness / Wellness / Gym studio owners looking to make the next big leap into the void….It’s all about SOUND VIBRATION and Shamanic Wave Tones. 

Become a Manan Wellness supplied Sound Yogi Studio with minimal investment. We will train your staff. It’s a whole new world in yoga / fitness / wellness & Gym Studio. Step up and into this next level of healing for your students& Clients. 

This is the most all inclusive brand of yoga / fitness / wellbeing in the world today and general population is starving for the comfort of these mystical wave tones swirling a velvet carpet all around them. 

The New Fitness Trend enveloping the World – VibroAcoustic Fitness The Transformation is here – Prescribe the New Medicine – Sound Medicine 

Minimum Required Space – 400 Sqft carpet area 
Packages Starts from


Onwards, Includes Training of 2 Staff & Complete Set of Sound Studio Instruments like Worlds Best Therapy Series / Concert Cosmos Series / Chakra Series (Small and Large) HangOn Chakra Series / Wind & Tam Tam Gongs / Bells &Tingchas / Salt Lamps etc.